Quantitative Research on Inequality and Families

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Quantitative Research on Inequality and Families
Prof. Dr. Josef Brüderl


Welcome to Prof. Brüderl’s Chair.

Our research and teaching program is mainly in the fields of Social Inequality; Private forms of life; and Quantitative Methods. A major data collection project recently has been finished at the Chair (The German Family Panel, pairfam).

The Chair follows the scientific understanding of empirical-analytical sociology:

  • Sociological theories should be formulated in a clear-cut, precise manner and should be logically consistent.
  • Empirical research follows the principles of critical rationalism.
  • Empirically established relationships are explained by way of social mechanisms.

Every Wednesday during the semester we organize a research colloquium on “Analytical Sociology” and you are invited to join us. To see the current program, please click here.

You will find all current news on the German website.